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First look at Game of Thrones and James Bond stars in new Robin Hood movie

Updated: Nov 3

Taken from | Author: Sara Baalla | Date: 2 November 2023

James Bond star Naomie Harris is set to join Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie in a new Robin Hood movie.

Robin and the Hood follows the story of 11-year-old Robin and her close-knit group of friends 'The Hoods', who take matters into their own hands to try and save their magical kingdom.

The film will debut on Sky Original in the UK and on Sky Cinema in Ireland.

Harris will play Clipboard, the unscrupulous developer who plans to change the children's world forever, while Christie takes on the role of environmental activist Aura. They will be joined by rising star Darcey Ewart, who stars as Robin, and Harry Potter's Mark Williams as the local Town Mayor.

"When the slippery property developer Clipboard (Harris) turns up and dazzles the parents of the area with promises of health spas and day-care facilities, Robin and The Hoods' world is faced with an existential threat" reads the film's official synopsis.

It concludes: "Despite the children's best efforts, their protests fall on deaf ears. When their parents can't see the wood for the trees, Robin and her friends take matters into their own hands to defend their kingdom".

The film is directed by Prancer: A Christmas Tale director Phil Hawkins and is written by Stuart Benson and Paul Davidson. It is produced by Claudia Bluemhuber and Matt Williams, who represent Silver Reel productions and Future Artists Entertainment, respectively.

Bluemhuber shared her excitement for the film's release, saying: "We were excited about Stuart and Paul's script from the moment we encountered it — Robin and the Hood is a story with a big heart and plenty of laughter, which reminds us of the power and importance of imagination in a world that is swiftly losing it".

Williams also revealed why he is looking forward to bringing a modern retelling of The Adventures of Robin Hood to screens.

He said: "Not just any ordinary family film, Robin and the Hood is a joy-filled, action packed fantasy that brought my straight back to my own childhood where movies such as The Goonies and The Never-Ending Story occupied every Saturday afternoon".

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