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Commercial Law

We support clients across a variety of sectors. Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up or established business, having the right contracts and agreements in place is essential.

We can draft, review and advise on a range of commercial contracts, such as:

  • Recording Agreements 

  • ​Band Agreements / Management Agreements

  • ​Music, Film & TV Production Agreements 

  • ​​Music Publishing Agreements 

  • ​Performance Agreements 

  • ​Sync Licences

  • ​​Endorsement Agreements

  • ​Manufacturing and Distribution Agreements ​

  • ​​Supply of Goods/Services Agreements 

  • ​Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreements 

  • ​​Website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Acceptable Use Policies & Cookie Policies

The above list is non exhaustive. Please get in touch with any commercial-related matters.

Rory is a true professional and very personable. Highly, highly recommend.


Corporate Law

We assist at every stage of a business' life cycle from formation, expansion by acquisition, strategic alliances such as joint ventures and ultimately, a sale or other exit event.


We can advise on a range of corporate matters, including:  

  • ​Business start-ups and formations 

  • ​Buying and selling your business (Mergers & Acquisitions) 

  • ​Company restructuring 

  • ​Joint ventures and investments 

  • ​Director, Shareholder and Corporate secretarial matters​

​We can draft, review and advise on:  ​

  • Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements  

  • ​Share Purchase Agreements  ​

  • Asset Purchase Agreements 

  • ​Shareholder and director board meetings 

The above list is non exhaustive. Please get in touch with any corporate-related matters.

Extremely knowledgeable with a deep understanding of the music industry.

Done Deal

Intellectual Property

We work at all stages of the intellectual property life cycle and provide strategic advice on the protection, commercialisation and defence of your intellectual property rights, including: 

  • Audits of intellectual property rights i.e. identifying your existing intellectual property assets

  • Filing, registration and renewal of trade marks 

  • ​Licensing of trade marks, copyright, designs and patents

  • Assignment of trade marks, copyright, designs and patents 

  • ​Dealing with any alleged infringement of your trade marks, copyright or designs 

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